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TruPlan Financial brokerage offers advice on and resolutions to all areas relating to Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover, Income Protection, Retirement Planning as well as Savings and Investment Advice

TruPlan Financial Services is owned and managed by Sean Kerins who has been in the Financial Services business since August 1998

Sean Kerins is a Grandfathered QFA, APA in Insurance, QFA and APA in Investments as well as having an FLIA Diploma and APA in Pension Planning. TruPlan Financial brokerage offers advice on and resolutions to all areas relating to life insurance, serious illness cover, income protection, retirement planning as well as savings and investment advice.

TruPlan Financial also offers a mortgage broking service. As a financial brokerage we offer a very impartial financial planning advisory service and TruPlan has mortgage agencies through Mortgage Negotiators and IFG One Plaform with all the lending houses based in the Republic of Ireland which include the likes of Permanent TSB, KBC, Haven, Ulster Bank and Pepper. Because of this TruPlan are able to offer a impartial mortgage advisory service.

TruPlan also hold up to 10 life agencies with the country’s leading life offices. This in turn allows TruPlan Financial service provide the most impartial financial planning resolutions to its present clients and potential customers. We offer a free financial review which in turn allows TruPlan Financial look at the areas which you the client feel are the most important priority to you and on foot of this review we make impartial recommendations to our clients.

Our Services

Mortgage Broker

TruPlan offers an Impartial Mortgage broking service. Sean Kerins takes his clients through the mortgage process from the first introductory meeting to the Final Loan cheque drawdown in the case of every Mortgage.

TruPlan has access to the Irelands leading mortgage houses such as Permanent TSB, Have Mortgages, Ulster Bank, Pepper as well as KBC. In today’s difficult climate it is crucial to have a broker who can knowledgably take you through the complex area of applying for a housing loan. First time buyers, clients trading up, customers in negative equity looking to move home, people looking at buying second properties and individuals interested in looking at commercial lending can all come and talk to Sean Kerins of TruPlan Financial for help and advice with their individual and specific needs.

Income Protection

It was once said “a persons biggest asset is his /hers income”, this is so true. If a person loses their ability to earn an income through accident or illness either in the short, medium or long term, this can have a devasting effect on their financial existence.

Mortgage payments fall behind and your normal day to day financial commitments become a huge worry going forward. Sean Kerins and TruPlan Financial can provide advice and recommendations in the event of you losing your ability to earn an income due to illness or injury. Permanent health insurance, serious illness cover, accident benefit and hospital cash cover are all instruments which can provide replacement income in such an event. An income protection review with Sean will help provide clarity and a clear understanding of whats out there to protect against such an event.

Life Assurance

To protect your nearest and dearest financially in the event of death, to ensure that youre surviving spouse and dependents are not left high and dry financially in the event of ones demise, Personal Life Insurance as well as Mortgage protection Life insurance helps you protect your spouse and dependents in such an event.

As an impartial financial broker TruPlan can advise on the amount of cover a person needs, the term over which the cover is needed, the most cost effective way to ensure your mortgage is cleared on death and most importantly the provider that offers the most cost effective premium. Sean Kerins and TruPlan would be delighted to bring you through a protection review where the present life insurance need and potential recommendations can be reviewed and discussed.

Retirement Planning

When It comes to advising their clients in relation to Retirement/Pension Planning, TruPlan Financial offers a thorough and impartial advisory service covering pre and post retirement planning advice.

We have vast knowledge in relation to the tax breaks available when taking retirement planning decisions. TruPlan has a wide expertise when it comes to reviewing clients personal pensions, PRSAs, occupational pensions, executive pensions, buy out bonds, approved retirement funds, approved minimum retirement funds as well as annuities available in the market place presently. In such a complex area particularly when it comes to immediate pre retirement decisions clients need the knowledge of a financial advisor who can give expert and impartial advice on such critical financial decisions when it comes to finally drawing on their respective retirement funds. Sean Kerins and TruPlan Financial can offer a complete advisory package when it comes to your retirement planning needs.

Savings & Investments

TruPlan has in the past and continues to provide top class advice to its present clients and potential customers when it comes to Savings and Investment advice.

Saving for your dependents college fees, a deposit on a house, your big day, a rainy day or just a nestegg have all become very common goals for TruPlans clients in the past. It’s a fact that during the time that the clients of TruPlan financial were saving into the government savings scheme through the SSIA from 2002 to 2007 that all account holders had a 20% plus return on their investment type SSIA accounts. The 3 most common questions when clients have money to invest are “Is my Investment Gauranteed?”, “What kind of a return will I get?” and “Have I access to my funds?” Sean kerins of TruPlan financial takes all potential investors through a detailed investment risk profile process which eventually allows TruPlan to make investment recommendations to its present clients and potential customers. To get complete impartial advice as well as finding out what is available in the market place when it comes to saving and investing your hard earned money please look no further than TruPlan financial services.


I have had business dealings with Sean Kerins over the last 15 months and in that time I have found him to be professional, reliable and very approachable. I have been impressed with the speed and consistency with which Sean has followed up on any queries I have had or commitments that he may have made to me. I have also been impressed with the time he has been willing to give me to go through in detail any queries I may have had. He has also made it much easier for me to get my affairs in order by willing to meet in the evenings and not just during office hours which has meant that I have not had to take off time from my own work. Based on my experience, I would have no difficulty in recommending Sean.

Alan Lynch, Financial Controller, Woodlands House Hotel

I had considered using a financial advisor for some time, as my wife and I had pensions in the UK and other investments that needed to be addressed. So I arranged with Sean from TruPlan to meet with my wife and myself at our home. On our initial meeting we discussed what it was that we wanted and also any investment ideas that Sean thought would be beneficial to us. Sean helped us understand what was available to us, to help us make informed decisions. Listed are some of the qualities that were essential to us in choosing the right financial advisor for us; We like to see an advisor that is available to address our concerns, who schedule regular updates and meetings. When there are changes in the market, he will always contact us to keep us to keep us up to date with suggested changes or reasons why none are need. We are not left with the impression that...clients with larger portfolios are taken care of first. Our advisor understands what happens to our money affects the quality of life, not our financial advisors life, so its essential we have a good relationship and understand what is going on. So I would highly recommend Sean Kerins of TruPlan for all your financial requirements.

Sean Bryan, SB Electrical

Sean Kerins of TruPlan Financial services has shown a most competent, professional and helpful manner in my dealings with him. He explained to me in laymans terms all aspects of the policy he sold me and the speed with which he resolved my problems is outside what I experienced previous to this. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to both family and business associates.

David Robin, Robins Upholstery Cleaners

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