Income Protection

Income Protection

Your most valuable asset is your income and if you lose the ability to earn an income, whether through serious illness or an accident, it can have a devastating effect on your financial existence. This is why it’s very important to have income protection and more importantly, the right level of cover to protect you if the worst should happen.

Whether short-term or long-term unemployed through serious illness or incapacity, your mortgage, medical fees, day-to-day living expenses, car loans etc. all still have to be paid and in a short space of time, your financial commitments can become a huge worry.

However, this is why income protection is available and it is there for this very reason; to protect your income should you need it in the event you lose the ability to earn an income due to illness or injury.

Permanent health insurance, serious illness cover, accidental benefit, and hospital cash cover are all options which can provide replacement income in such an event.
An income protection review with Sean Kerins of TruPlan Financial will help provide clarity and give you a clear understanding of what’s out there to protect against such an event.

Contact Sean for a confidential one-to-one meeting to discuss your income protection needs. It’s also worth reviewing any existing policies to ensure you truly are covered in all aspects of illness or injury.