Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments

Sean Kerins of TruPlan Financial is renowned for providing top class advice to his clients and potential customers on savings and investments. During the SSIA Government Savings Scheme from 2002 to 2007, TruPlan’s clients had a 20% plus return on their investment on their SSIA accounts; a rather staggering return!

When considering your savings or investment options, it’s worth thinking about your goals.

Some of our clients’ most common goals are mentioned below:

  • Have you considered the best route to saving for your children’s university fees?
  • Perhaps you want to save for a deposit on a house, or for your Big Day.
  • Many more just want to save for a rainy day and have the security of a ‘nest egg’.

The 3 most common questions when a person has money to invest are; Is my investment guaranteed? What kind of return will I get? Have I access to my funds? Sean will guide you through a detailed investment risk profile process which allows TruPlan to make investment recommendations to you.

For expert advice on your options in relation to saving and investing your hard-earned money, look no further than Sean Kerins and TruPlan Financial Services. Sean will sit down with you to review your saving and investment goals and determine the best course to make your money work for you.