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Buying a home can be one of the biggest investments in a person’s life and although there are many things to consider when taking that big step, one of the most important factors to get right is who you choose to take out a mortgage with.

You will often see many different banks and lending providers offering their best mortgage rates but how do you know if it’s the right one for you? Or how do you know if it truly is the best deal?
You could arrange meetings with the multiple banks and lending houses but meeting with a mortgage broker first is probably your best option.
Here’s why:

  • A mortgage broker is not tied to any one bank or financial institution, instead they can truly offer you objective advice on the best mortgage deals in the market;
  • A mortgage broker has affiliations with multiple financial institutions and can broker a deal that is not advertised on the website or readily available to the direct customer;
  • A mortgage broker will meet with you to discuss your finances, your potential for borrowing, and the options available to you so you will have a greater understanding of the financial commitment allowing you to make more informed decisions;

Sean Kerins takes pride in his personal one-to-one approach with all of his clients. He takes each client through the mortgage process from the first introductory meeting right through to the final loan drawdown in the case of every mortgage.

TruPlan has long-standing relationships with Ireland’s biggest leading mortgage providers such as Permanent TSB, Have Mortgages, ICS as well as KBC to name a few and all through his Mortgage packager Broker assist.
For financial help and advice in relation to mortgages, talk to Sean at TruPlan where he can advise on individual and specific needs such as:
• First-time buyers;
• Clients trading up or down-sizing their existing home;
• Home-owners in negative equity;
• Clients seeking second or third properties
• Development opportunities.

Contact Sean today for your complete mortgage broking service: 087 987 1905

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