Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

For some, retirement planning might be a dream, or a something so far off in the future it doesn’t need any serious thought right now. For others, retirement could be coming sooner than you gave credit for or your retirement plans might have changed due to legislation changes, workplace changes, or for financial reasons.

No matter what the circumstance, planning for your future and putting a solid plan in place for when the time comes, is a good idea – even if it is in the distant future!
Retirement and pension planning can be a particularly complex task, especially when it comes to immediate pre-retirement decisions, clients need the knowledge of a financial advisor who can give expert and unbiased advice on such critical financial decisions.

Sean Kerins can offer a wide range of advice and expertise on:

  • Personal Pensions;
  •  PRSAs;
  •  Occupational Pensions;
  •  Executive Pensions;
  •  Buy-Out Bonds;
  •  Approved Retirement Funds;
  •  Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRFs);
  •  Annuities available in the market.

When it comes to advising their clients on retirement and pension planning, TruPlan Financial offers a thorough and objective advisory service covering pre and post retirement planning advice. We have vast knowledge in relation to tax breaks available when taking retirement and drawing on their respective retirement funds.
Sean Kerins and TruPlan Financial can offer a complete advisory package on all your retirement and pension planning needs.

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