About Us

During uncertain times, how do you protect your assets? Where do you invest your money? How do you decide what the best life, pension or investment choice is? We can also help you find the best Mortgage rate.

Sean Kerins

Sean Kerins established TruPlan Financial Services in August 1998 and has offered a truly bespoke service tailored specifically to his customers requirements. With over 20 years quality experience in the financial services industry, Sean Kerins has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and accreditations which guarantees his clients a truly qualified service in relation to all their financial guidance.

Sean Kerins has a Professional Certificate in Financial advice, is an Approved Product Advisor as well as having an FLIA Diploma in Pension Planning. TruPlan Financial services represents over 14 agencies and lending houses and each one has been personally selected by Sean to represent to ensure he can provide the best service, rates and packages to his clients.

TruPlan Financial Services is a non-aligned service provider which means you can take comfort in knowing you are benefiting from clear advice – a rare thing indeed!

At TruPlan...

At TruPlan, we understand the volatility of the investment market, the intricacies of savings schemes and the nuances surrounding income protection, to name but a few. With over 20 years of financial services expertise, Sean Kerins can best advise you on the right choices to make for your own situation and help you save, invest and protect a better future for you and your family.