Life Assurance

Life Assurance

Protecting your family financially is one of the most important considerations in a person’s life. If you have a spouse or someone dependent on you, you’ll most likely want to protect them financially in the event of death. As the saying goes “the only two certainties in life are death and taxes.”

That being said, life insurance and mortgage protection life insurance helps you to protect your spouse and dependents in the event you are no longer around to support them.

As a financial broker, Sean Kerins of TruPlan Financial can advise you on the amount of cover you would need, as well as the term over which the cover is needed, and the most cost-effective way to ensure your mortgage is cleared on death.

Sean can also advise you on the most cost effective premium and establish your relationship with that provider.

Sean Kerins offers a full complimentary review of your protection on any existing life insurance policies in place and provide recommendations where needed.

Contact Sean today for all your life assurance needs.